Our Story

Southern Kitchen Sandwich Co is a family-owned deli in Powell, TN, dedicated to serving guests quality meals in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. Owned by Major and Michelle Ward, along with their two sons, they combine family values with fresh-baked bread and quality ingredients to create a taste that sets them apart from other eateries in the area.

Having been from a catering family, Major is very familiar with good food and what it takes to get it in front of the guests. His desire to serve others drives the family and staff to go above and beyond the typical deli experience to provide everyone with a memorable meal, reminiscent of a diner or casual restaurant. With an emphasis on service and quality, the entire staff is set to assist the guests in any way possible.

To the Ward family, it’s more than just a sandwich, it’s an inviting place where they want the community to always feel welcome and become family. With a strong focus on service and deliciousness, the staff is dedicated to keeping customers happy and are always open to comments and suggestions.